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We provide a wide range of pest control services including termite, bed bugs, rodent/mouse, cockroaches, lizards, honey bee, flies, mosquitoes, insects.

Fast and reliable Service

We are open 7 days a week and will provide the service within 24 hours. We believe in giving a service which makes our customer happy because we know that only happy customers will refer us more customers.

Herbal Methods

We understand that your kids might be at danger if toxic material is used for pest control, So we make sure that we only use herbal methods wherever possible. We are as concerned for your safety as you are!!

Our Pest Control service is really awesome and you gonna love it.

Are you having a problem of pest at your house or business? Do not panic. Just give us a call and our friendly and highly trained staff will solve the problem. If pest control is not treated quickly, it can turn into a pest disaster. Often it is seen that those who have pests at their home are annoyed and embarrassed, at the same time it can be dangerous as well. But now there is a solution to this, We provide 100% satisfaction guarantee and even provide the emergency services 24*7.

We are licensed and certified having highly trained technicians. We are a customer preferred service provider of pest control services in Pune in general disinfestations, anti-termite services, export fumigation, herbal treatment services and many more.

Our pest experts provide all these services by using latest tool, machines and instruments. Within a time span of just 24 hours after the call is made to our experts, we provide the service to the location specified. Our pest control experts access the problem fast, tell you the cause and then get the job done guaranteed. All the pesticides and chemicals that are used are eco-friendly and safe which ensures health of your family and pets. The main focus of our professionals is to remove the problem from its root so that the clients do not face any pest, fumigation, termite infestation etc. issues in future. All the services provided by us are cost effective, affordable, eco-friendly, compliance with industry standards and executed timely.

We make sure that all the tools and equipments that are used during the process are branded. Much safety is ensured by our professionals and makes use of eco-friendly chemicals that are procured from authorized vendors.

All Pune are covered by us. If you stay anywhere in Pune, Feel free to call us.

The various treatments provided by us are:
Fly Control - Due to fly infection, lots of diseases are caused like Typhoid, Dysentery, Leprosy etc. They are commonly found in many places like houses, restaurants etc. We control the common housefly by making use of surface spray, traps and baits.
Insect control - Household insects causes contamination of food, water etc and they are controlled by using insecticides.
Cockroach control - They are controlled by using gel which have replaced the foul smelling insecticides. These gels are absolutely safe and you need not to empty drawers and cover up the food during the process of treatment.
Bed bug control - Bed bugs are found in human bedding and are treated by spraying insecticides.
Spider control - They are common menace and are found in ceilings, corners of rooms and windows. The treatment of spider involves spraying of insecticides in large volumes which is long lasting.
Lizard control - They are controlled by traps which bear a scent detectable by reptiles only.
Honey Bee control - We have trained experts who remove them without harming their population as honey bee are protected insects and so proper care of them should be taken.
Termite control - These are controlled by using medical syringe to inject pesticides into the hole made by termites in wooden cupboards and furniture.
Silver Fish control - They are controlled by normal spraying of insecticides.
Mosquito control - To control their population, it is necessary to eliminate mosquito breeding areas.
Rodent/Mouse control - Rodent can spoil your business and peace of life, So we sure that they do not come again after sanitation